Our industrial and commercial temporary buildings are the ideal solution to quickly expand on-site storage, operational or retail space with an economical, durable and functional warehouse building. Suitable for a wide range of applications such as temporary warehouses & industrial storage sheds, temporary workshop and production buildings, loading bay canopies and warehouse canopies, modular retail buildings as well as recycling buildings and waste processing facilities.

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If you are looking for a robust structure for medium to long-term use, an HTS TENTIQ temporary warehouse building is the answer. Buildings are manufactured using an industrial aluminium frame which means they take just days to construct on site, can be used on a temporary or permanent basis and achieve huge cost and time savings when compared to a more traditional building.

Temporary warehouses are available in a variety of sizes: Clear span widths: 5.00m – 30.00m, Eave heights: 3.50m – 6.20m and unlimited length in 5.00m bays. A wind load of 0.5 kN / m² (150kg) can be achieved. Larger spans, eave heights including higher wind and snow loadings are available on request.

Geçici Yapılar

Temporary industrial canopies are ideal for temporary storage and basic weather protection. Suitable for loading and unloading.

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Yalıtımlı Binalar

Insulated temporary warehouses feature an insulated anti-condensation roof that is suitable for temperature sensitive product storage and operations.

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Yarı Yalıtımlı Binalar

Non-insulated temporary storage buildings are an entry level product that provide the ideal budget solution for non-sensitive storage and workshop areas.

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Özel Premium Binalar

HTS TENTIQ offers a complete design and build service to assist you with bespoke temporary or permanent prefabricated buildings. Our custom-made premium buildings provide customers with a wide range of options that are suitable for many applications.

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